New ladypat video premieres on Pitchfork!

Hifi Sean Ft. Yoko Ono - In Love With Life

...."The pair enlisted famed London-based conceptual artist, illustrator and video Director ladypat to create a transfixing animated video to accompany the equally hypnotizing track. The result is a vibrant, multi-sensory Technicolor explosion of prismatic psychedelics, pop art iconography and edgy internet memes infused with ladypat's signature trippy rave culture hedonism."


Thanks Sean, Yoko + Pitchfork!

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He’s worked with Lady Gaga, Fatboy Slim, Scissor Sisters, Hot Chip, Tiga, David Guetta and now he’s talking to us. He is the illustrator, artist, director, conceptualist hottie that is ladypat.

-Loverboy Magazine, 2016


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